Heng fu tea culture co., LTD., founded in 2005, formerly known as constant fu tea), launched in 1998, the registered capital of 86.975 million yuan, the headquarters is located in guangzhou pearl river new city CBD fuli surplus lung plaza, the main tea, tea and tea culture related products and projects, 2015, the new three board (stock code: 832453), 2016 and 2017 two consecutive years in the innovation, is the national high and new technology enterprise.

Hengfu has been deeply cultivating tea industry for nearly 20 years。 With the core operation idea of "storing tea, using tea, brewing tea and tasting tea" and the core operation philosophy of "advocating tea", it combines the creative design of "appreciating, tasting, playing" and "separation of tea soup", and focuses on creating an ecological supply chain of tea ware, tea leaves and tea culture。

Heng fu, a courtyard pavilion has a design and research institute (love tea/heng fu tea culture museum), the big four operating divisions (zero group/electricity group/host tea group/group purchase group), with "hang fu", "host" two core brand, establish with consumers as the core of innovative products and services, to create a healthy, happy people, grade of a better life.

Adhering to the core values of "liking, paying attention and dedication", hengfu takes "happy life partner" as the innovation and entrepreneurship platform to create a win-win ecological circle based on customer value and strive to make the Chinese tea pottery culture into a name card of the world!

Business Related Photos

In 2001, Chen Xiangpu won the 4th International Tea Evaluation Gold Award

In 2001, 357 grams of muffins won the 4th International Tea Competition Gold Award

2002 hengfu tea set won the special products for the 2002 china famous tea expo and the first biluochun culture festival

2003 hengfu chicken wings series art tea set won the gold medal of shanghai international tea culture festival and famous chinese tea pot evaluation

Hengfu series products won the best selling brand of Guangzhou tea in 2006

Hengfu Tea King Cake won the 6th International Tea Award in 2006 over International Tea Award 2006 Round of Tea Cakes Won the 6th International Tea Awards

In 2008, Dongruyao Zhongkui Teapot (Tianqing) was permanently collected by China Tea Museum The 7th International Tea Competition Gold Award of the International Famous Tea Competition, 2008

In 2008, One Peace Green Cake won the 7th International Tea Evaluation Quality Award In 2008, Jin won the 7th International Tea Evaluation Silver Award in One Pint of Tea In 2008, fu xinlian hongyun won the silver award in the seventh international tea competition

On March 15, 2008, Heng Fu was invited to design the "Bamboo Paper Safe Celadon China Bowl" for Sino-Japanese Youth Friendly Exchange Activities, President Hu Jintao to host Japanese delegation's top adviser, Kobayashiro Kobayashi Hosting the First "Hengfu Cup" National Tea Set Innovation Design Competition in 2009

In 2009, Bodhi Qingxin Tea Group was awarded the Gold Medal of the First National Tea Set Innovation Design Contest of "Hengfu Cup" In 2009, Zen Group was awarded the Gold Medal of the First National "Hengfu Cup" Tea Set Innovation Design Competition 2009 Fu Lu Shuang Quan (Purple) won the Bronze Award for Cultural Creativity of Chinese Tea Wares 2009 Yueyao Guyi Tea Set won the Chinese Tea Set Cultural Creative Award The 2010 Dendrobium Tea Set was selected as the designated tea set to commemorate the 95th birthday of Mr. Lai Shaoqi's Birthday Art Memoirs Exhibition

2010 East Road Ruyao Tian Tan Cup (Tian Qing) received the Chinese Educational Television "Art China" Program Collection In 2010, Dong Ruyao Jade Tea Group (Tian Qing) was awarded the Silver Award of the First China Ceramic Art Congress and the Ninth National Ceramic Art Design Innovation Evaluation 2010 Heng Fu Zi Won the China Innovation Award for "Red Star Award" at the Cup In 2010, we undertook the cross-border activity of "Endless Origins and Experience the Highest State of the Future Tea Ceremony" 2011 Hengfu Tea Set was selected as the Grand Champion Golf Medal Gift of Nanduling Show 2011 Hengfu Tea Set Became the Designated Tea Set for the Southern Weekend "Chinese Dream" The Fu Tea Group, created by Zhang Shouzhi, was selected as a guest gift to host the second Heng Fu Cup National Tea Set Innovation Design Competition 2012 Hengfu Tea Set becomes the only tea set designated for review by the China Tea Circulation Association 2012 Mandrake, Geranium and Tienden Tea Set Collected by Lai Shaoqi Art Museum

2012 Host Ru Yao Xuan (Tian Qing) Museum Collection

Hengfu Won the Honorary Title of Guangzhou Famous Trademark in 2012

The Guangdong-Henan Economic and Trade Cooperation and Exchange Conference was held in Henan Province on April 11, 2012, "Host Ru Yao Zi Kui" was presented by state

leader Wang Yang to Lu Xiangong, then the director of the Standing Committee of the

National People's Congress of Henan Province, and was praised by Wang Yang. "Your

广西快3innovation has made our lives more healthy and happy。"

2013 Heng Fu was awarded the only tea set designated by the 9th China Tea Industry

Economic Conference

Hosting the Third National Tea Set Innovation Design Contest of "Hengfu Cup" in 2013

广西快32013 Host Ru Yao Wu Yang Tai Chi (Tian Qing) won the Gold Medal of Guangdong

Traditional Arts and Crafts Grand Exhibition

The Cicada Group won the Gold Medal of Guangdong Traditional Fine Arts and Crafts

Exhibition in 2013

2013 Yueyao Guyi Tea Group was awarded the Silver Medal of Guangdong Traditional

Arts and Crafts Fine Arts Exhibition

2013 Fu Lu Shuangquan (Purple) won the silver award of Guangdong traditional fine arts and crafts exhibition

2013 Buddha Xinlian Cup won the Silver Medal of the 15th China (State-level) Arts and

Crafts Master Fine Works Expo in China

Host Ruyao Hengfu Baobao (Tianqing) won the First Oriental Arts and Crafts Capital

Expo "Welcome Spring Flower Award"

2014 Host Ru Yao Teng Fei Hu Group (Tian Qing) was awarded the Silver Award of the

广西快32014 Second China Golden Arts Innovation and Design Awards International Arts and

Crafts Innovation Awards

2014 Host Ru Yao Lian Hua Zhang (Da Tian Qing) was awarded the 2014 Second "China Jin Yi Award" Bronze Award for Innovation and Design of International Arts and Crafts

2015 Host Ruyao was selected as the 2015 National Characteristic Cultural Industry Key Project

2015 Green Kung Fu was named National Cultural Industry Key Project in 2015

Guangzhou Industrial Design Demonstration Enterprise Recognized in 2015

The Second Pearl River Delta Arts and Crafts Fine Arts Competition Gold Award, 2015, by Host Host Fu Geng Zi Wei Wei

Guangzhou Hengfu Tea Culture Co., Ltd. listed a new third board on May 18, 2015 and

entered the capital market

In 2016, "Ji Yi Yi Rui" won the silver medal of "Chinese Arts and Crafts Culture Creation

Award" at the China (Shenzhen) Wenbo Fair in 2016

2016 "Dong Ru Yao Feng Hou Bai Xiang" won the silver award of "Creative Award of

Chinese Arts and Crafts Culture" at the 2016 China Wen Expo in Shenzhen

Hengfu Enters New Third Board Innovation Layer for the First Time in 2016

2017 Renamed Hengfu Tea Culture Co., Ltd., re-entered the New Third Board Innovation Layer

Hosting the 4th Hang Fook Cup in 2017

December 11, 2017, Hengfu Tea Culture Co., Ltd. is officially recognized as a state high-tech enterprise

广西快3In 2018, three years in a row into the new third board innovation layer

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